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Elite Zip Ties: Engineered for Extremes!


At Elite Zip Ties, we understand the demands of professional and industrial applications. Our zip ties are engineered to thrive in the most extreme temperatures, ensuring reliability and durability in any environment. With over 30 years of experience, we bring you zip ties that can withstand the icy cold of -40°F to the blazing heat of +185°F. Discover the unmatched durability and versatility of Elite Zip Ties.

Product Specifications:

Our zip ties are crafted from ultra high-quality Nylon 6/6, known for its exceptional strength and flexibility. Available in lengths from 4 inches to 48 inches and tensile strengths ranging from 40lb to 175lb, these zip ties are designed to meet your diverse needs. With UV resistance, they are perfect for outdoor use where exposure to the elements is a concern.

Special Features:

  • Material: Ultra high-quality Nylon 6/6
  • Lengths: 4 inches to 48 inches
  • Tensile Strengths: 40lb to 175lb
  • UV Resistance: Yes
  • Certifications: UL 94V-2
  • Experience: 30 years of expertise in construction, automotive repair, facility maintenance, and DIY applications

Use Cases:

Elite Zip Ties are perfect for a wide range of applications, from hot engine bays to outdoor settings in direct sunlight or freezing conditions. Here are some specific examples:

  • Automotive Repair: Used in hot engine bays to secure cables during long overlanding trips.
  • Outdoor Applications: Ideal for hanging signs, securing tarps, holding flags, bundling piping, and managing wires in hot industrial environments.
  • DIY Projects: Reliable for securing cables and organizing various items around the house or workshop.

Real-Life Examples:

  • Securing cables in the engine bay of a Jeep for long, enduring overlanding trips.
  • Holding flags to a vehicle in freezing conditions during outdoor events.

Technical Details:

Our zip ties are UL 94V-2 certified, ensuring they meet stringent safety and quality standards. Each zip tie is tested at the manufacturer to ensure it meets or exceeds the specified tensile strength. This rigorous testing guarantees that our zip ties maintain their integrity, flexibility, and strength, no matter the conditions.


Choosing Elite Zip Ties means investing in quality and reliability. Our zip ties not only save you time by ensuring a secure hold the first time, but they also improve safety by reducing the risk of failure. This leads to cost savings in the long run, as you won’t need to replace them as frequently as lower-quality alternatives.

Customer Testimonials:

“Using Elite Zip Ties on our offshore oil rig has been a game-changer. They perform under the harshest conditions without fail.” – John D., Oil Rig Technician

“I’ve used Elite Zip Ties to secure cables in my Jeep’s engine bay for Overlanding trips, and they hold up incredibly well in extreme temperatures.” – Sarah K., Automotive Enthusiast

Call to Action:

Discover the power of Elite Zip Ties for yourself. Visit our online store to browse our selection and place your order today. Experience unmatched durability and reliability, no matter the weather.

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